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’99 RX-7 EfiniC-West

R1/R2 Lower LipEfini RX-7 Rear Nameplate

Worn or missing lower lip on your 92-98(LHD or RHD) front bumper? No problem!
Get this original Mazda R1/R2 front lip to replace your worn front R-series lip or as an upgrade to your base or touring model. The R1/R2 lip replaces the standard lip exactly and attaches using your exsisting original hardware.
Set includes both right and left sides.

Mazda original R1/R2 92-98 Lower Lip Set
Price: $195.95
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’99 Spec RX-7 Exterior Parts Give your RX-7 the look of the latest Japanese-Spec RX-7. We have access to the newly redesigned front spoiler and rear adjustable spoiler available on the lastest model RX-7 in Japan. We also still stock the 96-98 spec parts sold under Mazda’s premier line, Efini. These pieces help give you 3rd generation a subtle update in appearance. We offer the complete set of “Efini” Badges for the front and rear as well as the aggressively styled RZ Spec Rear Spoiler. We also stock the extremely popular “round light” tail lights which updates you rectangular tail lights to the newer round light spec. All pieces are genuine Mazda parts and therefore have no fitment problems.

As of 10/1/22, all '99 parts are in stock.

Mazda 99-Spec RX-7 Parts

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Efini BadgesSet of front and rear Efini badges shown in red.

Efini Badge Front

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Efini Badge Rear

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Efini RX-7 NameplateEfini RX-7 Rear Nameplate
Price: $76.44
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Update your old, cracked key with this original Mazda Japanese-Market Rx7 key. These work with all 1993-2002 FD RX7s and will add a touch of class to your interior. This is a perfect match to the Efini front and rear emblems or to complete a 1999 Rx7 front end conversion.

Please note: You will receive a blank key that will need to be cut by your local hardware store or locksmith to match your current key.


Original Mazda Efini JDM Key
Price: $17.95
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Here’s a great way to make a subtle improvement to any 1993-95 RX-7. These turn signal lamps kits give a more modern look to the front end. They are sold in pairs and include bulbs and a direct plug-in wiring harness. The lenses are almost clear, but very lightly smoked. NOTE : Fits only 93-95 front bumper assemblies and aftermarket front bumper assemblies that use the stock 93-95 turn signals.

FD Euro Turn Signal set
Price: $168.95
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Prices subject to change without notice

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