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RP RX-8 Mid pipe The RX-8, 3 inch, Super-Cat V2 replacement pipe is here. This pipe replaces the factory cat-pipe perfectly and is a true bolt in. Like the race pipe, you get a noticeable improvement in power, and a throaty exhaust note. The Super Cat-pipe is a completely new catalytic converter design that allows extremely high flow and still works with the factory OBD2 system (no Check Engine Light!). Since it's release in 2004, this system become the most popular catalytic converter replacement for the Rx8 in North America. Why? Because it works!

Bönez ‘Supercat’ Mid Pipe
Price: $442.51
dyno chartView Cartdyno chart

Bolt & Gasket Kit for Supercat
Price: $28.00
dyno chartdyno chart


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